S3 Cloud Object Storage

Secure and stable solution for business

Secure S3 object storage on the LinxCloud platform, compliant with the personal data law (152-FL)

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Linx S3 interface

Use convenient Amazon S3 tools:

API, CLI, WinSCP, Java SDK, and Python SDK

Integrate file explorers of your choice:

CyberDuck, WinSCP, Disk-O, and others

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Share files and access objects using

pre-signed URLs

case study

Deploying business applications on virtual machines with S3

An FMCG retail marketing software developer focused on the Russian and Commonwealth of Independent States markets. Regional representatives work remotely using a specialized tablet app.

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S3 object cloud storage for business

Object storage provides reliability, flexible data storage and access settings, easy administration, and instant scaling for your business.

Backup and Recovery
S3 cloud storage provides fast recovery by storing several copies of objects, which is crucial for the uninterrupted operations of apps and services.
Perfect for Big Data
S3 cloud storage allows you to build massive datasets for machine learning, Big Data-based forecasting, and deep analytics. It’s essential for business and scientific projects that require collecting, storing, and classifying research results.
Storing archives and logs
S3 cloud storage is cost-effective for storing archives, logs, financial reports, and other information for compliance with local laws and regulations or complying with companies’ internal policies.


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