Linx Virtual Machines – Lease of virtual machines and disks

Virtual hosting in Russia and Europe with scalable resources within an hour

Your benefits

Private networks

traffic routing and filtering, and VPN


public IP-addresses

Unlimited traffic

1 Gbps traffic. Service testing

Load balancer

Data geo-replication

Our reliability is the key to your peace of mind

Data centers in Russia

Data is stored in independent TIER III data centers in the Russian Federation.

Easy management

Configure services in a convenient way via web interface, command line, or API


Transparent pricing. Pay for the resources actually consumed by the VDS / VPS accurately to the second

152-FZ compliance

Certified infrastructure ready for Information System of Personal Data (ISPD) deployment.

Choose any configuration


Intel® Xeon® Gold: 6230, 6230R, 6238R


CentOS, Ubuntu, Debian, OpenSUSE, FreeBSD, Windows


Fast data access with SSD and High IOPS SSD. Disks can be replaced without system shutdown.

Software replication

Data storage on SSD and HDD with triple replication.


KVM, a fast open source virtualization environment.

Low-Latency NVMe

Multiple latency reduction for high-load systems down to 0.5 ms

Everything is set up and preinstalled

Just pick the required OS


Linux 7.4 - Linux 7.6
Linux 9.4


Linux 9.4
Linux 10.1


Linux 16.04
Linux 18.04


Linux 42.3


Operating systems

Price calculator

Virtual servers

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