Backup solutions by Veeam

Reliable, secure backup of data for virtual machines and physical servers

Veeam Backup & Replication

High speed of backup data recovery

Set up your own backup, recovery and replication rules through the functional management console

Veeam Backup & Replication simplifies backup management and its performance outpaces generally accepted data backup storage solutions

Using Veeam offsite backup solutions, you will meet the SLA requirements for target point performance and allowable recovery time for all applications and data

Benefits of Backup Veeam Solutions

High speed of backup data recovery

You will achieve the shortest recovery time objective (RTO) with Veeam cloud-based backup services.

Data loss prevention

Reduce the target recovery point objective (RPO) significantly.

Guaranteed data recovery

We use SureBackup technologies (automatic verification of recovery possibility) and SureReplica (automatic test of each replica) to maximize the reliability.

Comprehensive control of backup

With Veeam online backup storage, you can significantly reduce risks during new applications deployment.

Cost-effective solution

Simple, actively-running, automated cloud backup systems are the solution.

Compliance with the "3-2-1" rule

Distributed storage of data copies without the cost of creating and maintaining a backup infrastructure


Service Availability - 99,95%

Estimated notification time – 15 minutes

Estimated service recovery time in case of unavailability – 4 hours

How Veeam Cloud Connect backup solution is designed

Veeam use case

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