Linx Cloud connect

secure access to a global cloud

4:o in your favor

payments in russia

to a Russian company or in Europe to a EU-based legal entity

internet independent

access to global cloud services providers and traffic exchange networks

European IP address

for your applications to guarantee seamless, uninterrupted access to the required web services


in accordance with the local regulations and legal norms

use cases

connectivity for it infrastructure in Russia and Europe

for international companies providing services in Russia

software development and integration

using additional computing power for clients outside the Russian Federation

transfer of high volumes of data

for real-time analytics, fast data backup or media broadcasting

connecting infrastructure

in the global cloud and local network for applications to work in different environments without decrease in performance


case study

One of the largest Russian media streaming services with a monthly audience of 17 million. It constantly evolves and introduces new technologies to ensure high-quality image and sound.

business challenge
  • Data processing and analysis services. 
  • A sandbox for testing new solutions. 
  • A reliable high-performing IT infrastructure.  
  • For ease of administration, services should be managed from a single interface and be linked to the customer's local infrastructure. 

AWS Cloud Services became the platform of choice for these tasks.

Implementation: Linxdatacenter provided Okko with a QinQ L2 channel between the Linxdatacenter site in Moscow and the FR5 data center in Frankfurt. Okko connected to the AWS platform over the channel provided using Private and Public Virtual connections. The use of a dedicated channel ensured minimal network latency and stable operation with AWS services. Reliable, uninterrupted connectivity was ensured by a backup connection through another provider.

  • AWS provided solutions for Okko’s key IT tasks:
  • cloud computing (EC2),
  • private cloud (VPC),
  • storage (S3),
  • analytics (Lambda, Athena),
  • DNS (Route53),
  • content preparation and protection (Elemental MediaPackage),
  • and content distribution (CloudFront, testing).​

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