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Linxdatacenter doubles the team of cloud engineers

Linxdatacenter entered TOP-30 of IT suppliers on the carriers’ market according to CNews

Компания Linxdatacenter, международный эксперт в сфере высокотехнологичных решений по хранению данных, облачных сервисов и телекоммуникаций, вошла в рейтинг CNews Analytics «Крупнейшие поставщики ИТ для операторов связи 2019», подготовленного в рамках обзора «Телеком 2020» издания CNews

Linxdatacenter, an international provider of data storage, cloud and telecom solutions, entered the CNews Analytics rankingLargest IT Suppliers on the Carriers’ Market 2019, prepared as a part of the Telecom 2020 review by CNews.

Overall growth rate of the Russian telecom market reached 4% in 2019, which amounts to 1,800 billion roubles. This estimate includes electric communication, including Internet (36.8%), mobile communication (22%), connection and traffic services (14.7%) and mail communication (9.7%).

Aggregate turnover of the IT suppliers in the ranking was 166 billion roubles in 2019. In comparison to 2018, the turnover increased by 59.5%. The entrance threshold grew to 272 million roubles

Linxdatacenter’s work with carriers in 2019 resulted in the turnover of 350 million roubles, which amounts to 26.8% of the company’s total turnover. The growth compared to 2018 was 2.4%.

“Connectivity of IT systems and resources of providers of various solutions and services joined into ecosystems and marketplaces becomes today one of the key factors of business development.

In this aspect, cooperation with carriers gains particular significance for data centers. A data center is no longer merely a site for connectivity and traffic exchange, but an important component in the chain of creating additional business value for its partners and, as a result, improving service quality for the end users.

We constantly expand our expertise in this direction both by developing internal network resources and by providing connectivity with leading global IT providers. The data center operates as a single hub for the customers and answers any current need for access to clouds, circuits and traffic routing tools,” comments Olga Sokolova, General Manager Linxdatacenter Russia.

Earlier in 2020 the company also entered the CNews Analytics ranking  «Largest Providers of DC services 2020»(part of the Data Centers 2020 review), participated for the first time in the rankingLargest IT suppliers for Industrial Enterprises 2019 (part of the IT in the Industrial Sector 2020 review), and was also included in the first Russian ranking of cloud providers by SLA prepared by the  Market.CNews marketplace.


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business challenge

The customer faced a technical issue with a persistent BGP session flag with Linxdatacenter hardware. We examined the problem and found out that one of customer’s hosts was under a DDoS attack.

Because of the distributed nature of the attack, traffic couldn’t be filtered effectively, and disconnecting the host from the external network wasn’t an option. The attack stopped after changes in the server configuration, but resumed the day after. A 5.5 Gbps attack overloaded the junctions with internet providers, affecting other Linx Cloud users. To mitigate the effects of the attack, we employed a dedicated DDoS protection service.


To ensure the continuous availability of resources hosted in Linx Cloud, we rerouted all the customer’s traffic through StormWall Anti-DDoS system. The attack was stopped within half an hour. To prevent future cyberattacks, we organized all connections to the customer’s resources through the StormWall network.

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