Russian cloud market will continue a conservative 15% growth in 2023

Experts of Linxdatacenter forecast that if the current economic situation continues in 2023, the Russian market of public IaaS services will grow approximately by 15%.

By the estimate of Linxdatacenter and dynamics of customers’ enquiries regarding cloud resources in 2022, the Russian public cloud market grew by 20%. A considerable share of the customer demand was related to the migration of information systems and infrastructure of large business to private and public clouds, as a part of complex system integration IT projects.

High dynamics of the demand was primarily caused by the increased risk of sanctions and general uncertainty. As a result, server equipment was in serious deficit on the market in spring, and the problem was strengthened by the trend for IT infrastructure localization inside the country, leading to growing demand for cloud services.

In summer we have observed development of parallel import processes, appearance of new options for equipment purchase, both of local and Asian origin, but the delivery terms increased compared to 2021. However, the leap in demand, created by the spring crisis, provided the cloud market with additional growth.

Операторы дата-центров и облачные провайдеры также столкнулись с дефицитом доступных серверов и СХД, но благодаря налаженным или быстро перестроенным логистическим каналам им удалось решить эту проблему с минимальными потерями.  

“I would like to point out that after the departure of foreign vendors, the business partially compensated for the shortage of computing resources with IaaS services. The interest towards IaaS also increased owing to the local branches of foreign companies that left the country, who needed to migrate their resources from global cloud storages to Russian ones,” comments Mikhail Vetrov, General Director of Linxdatacenter.

According to him, PaaS solutions also became more sought-after, they are particularly interesting to the businesses using the wide range of tools built into the cloud platform.

“By the end of 2022 the increased demand for the services of cloud providers, caused by the start of the special military operation and supply crisis, has waned, but remained on a relatively high level. We anticipate that in 2023 customers will be in the process of adapting their IT strategies to new economic realities, with increased attention towards new local virtualization platforms, which will take some time and form demand for complex project solutions from cloud providers. Assuming that no cardinal changes related to new sanctions, further economic decline or regulatory restrictions, will occur in the country, the market is likely to show a less ambitious yet confident growth of approximately 15% by the end of 2023,” notes Mikhail Vetrov.

Aspiration for technological independence will remain the key growth driver of the cloud market. The largest profit will be collected by the cloud providers capable of offering their customers maximum flexibility in optimization of their IT landscape in the current conditions, variety of virtualization platform and diversified range of services for solving various business tasks with a “one-stop-shop” approach.

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