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Andrey Perekrest was appointed the new General Director of Linxdatacenter

Linxdatacenter has a new general director. As of May 13, 2022 the company will be headed by Andrey Perekrest, the long-term head of Linxdatacenter's Moscow data center

Starting 13th May 2022 Linxdatacenter is headed by the new general director – Andrey Perekrest, the many-years manager of the company’s data center in Moscow.  

In her capacity as a general director, Olga Sokolova carried out a tremendous amount of work in order to bring the business to a new level:

  • The company’s turnover and profit more than doubled since 2017;
  • Change of shareholders in 2021 currently contributes to stable business development in the current economic situation;
  • Сonstruction of the company’s second site in Moscow, a 45 MW data center at Serebryakova, has begun;
  • the LinxCloud platform expanded more than four times.

Most importantly, a management team of strong and motivated leaders, contributing to the long-term growth of the company, has been formed. According to Olga, now is an ideal time to hand over the management of Linxdatacenter to a trained and cohesive team headed by a strong manager with technical background, experience in building and putting data centers into operation, and advanced knowledge of networking and engineering infrastructure.

Today, fast development of the operating data centers and construction of new sites of Linxdatacenter have to be carried out despite the abrupt shortage of equipment supplies, caused by the departure of a number of vendors from the market. Another challenge is the urgent search for high quality software substitutes on the internal market.

Key skills and competencies of Andrey Perekrest, along with his IT experience, are a perfect fit for this set of tasks. He graduated from the Moscow technical communication and informatics university and joined the Linxdatacenter team in 2008. Andrey Perekrest has a 15 year experience in automatization of business processes, obtained to a large degree during his work as the head of the Moscow DC, head of the network department and the customer support service at Linxdatacenter. According to Olga Sokolova, who has been operating as the top manager of Linxdatacenter since 2017, this is the best solution for the company’s future in the current circumstances.

Olga Sokolova will continue working in the IT sphere and consult the company in all areas related to her competencies and responsibilities.

“I view this appointment as a challenge and serious responsibility. There is a large area of potential for Linxdatacenter’s development. We have entered a difficult but very interesting and promising productive period. I am grateful to Olga Sokolova for her contribution to the company’s history and her readiness to support growth of Linxdatacenter in the future,” comments Andrey Perekrest. Перекрест.

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