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Linxdatacenter protected the group's digital platform...

Linxdatacenter protected the digital platform of the Monopoly Group of Companies from DDoS attacks

IT services provider Linxdatacenter protected web resources of the Monopoly Group of Companies from cyberattacks. DDoS protection increased reliability and fault-tolerance of the digital platform Monopoly.Online and other websites of the company.

Monopoly provides logistic services in the field of FTL and temperature-regulated transportation, owns and operates its own park of vehicles and the drivers. Modern logistics depends on digital solutions. Key product of the company is its digital platform for freight transportation Monopoly.Online.

Interruption in the work of any website is critical for business: it can lead to delays in time- and temperature-sensitive deliveries, monetary losses and damage to the reputation of a reliable product.

In the last months digital platforms of the Russian business have been constantly threatened with an increasing number of cyberattacks. According to the report of Kaspersky Laboratory, DDoS attacks on business in the first half of 2022 have frequently been politically motivated. There is also a notable growth of superlong attacks lasting for days and weeks, creating an unceasing risk for web resources.

In order to resolve the issue, the company’s resources have been protected with a multilayer protection of the Linx Protect service: it ensures reliable defense of the data of Monopoly.Online customers, landing pages and internal services with guaranteed availability of 99.2%.

“The Monopoly Group of Companies requested a complex DDoS protection solution from the specialists of Linxdatacenter to protect its business. We must be certain that the digital platform works nonstop. Ensuring such level of service today is impossible without advanced information security tools,” notes Evgeny Yakubov, Head of the System Administration Department of The Monopoly Group of Companies.

"Monopoly" company has been hosting IT infrastructure in Linxdatacenter in St. Petersburg since 2017. The cyber-attack protection solution provided to the customer not only increases the level of protection of its systems, but also helps to ensure the continuity of its business. Thanks to the built-in analytics the company will be able to constantly improve service operation, quickly detect errors, and the ability to filter by geolocation will provide a reliable response to attacks from abroad", - said Andrey Perekrest, General Director of Linxdatacenter.

About the Monopoly Group of Companies

Monopoly is the transport and logistics group of companies providing business solutions in the field of digital logistics. Founded in 2016, the headquarters of the company is located in Saint Petersburg. Monopoly is in TOP50 of most quickly developing Russian companies in 2021 according to RBC. Monopoly’s business activity is focused on consolidation of the digital segment of the freight market and providing equal access rights to all participants via the Monopoly.Online platform.

Monopoly.Online 0+ – platform for organizing freight transportation

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