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Linxdatacenter: the Russian cloud market will grow by 30-35% in 2022

Linxdatacenter’s analysts forecast that the market of Russian cloud services will grow by a third in 2022. This dynamic is related to the growing risks of using foreign cloud platforms under the sanctions and the goal of localizing IT resources.

The experts of Linxdatacenter believe that the increase in the number of customers migrating their IT infrastructure to the local providers’ clouds will happen mostly due to local branches of foreign companies that have left Russia.

This relates to many industries: FMCG, retail, manufacturing etc. While working on the Russian market, they frequently placed their IT infrastructure abroad. Today, in the process of reorganizing into separate legal entities, these companies have to reconsider their approach to storage of data and applications.

Another factor is the need of Russian companies to ensure availability and fault-tolerance of cloud applications, as well as data security under the external risks.

Many businesses used services of the largest world providers: Amazon, Google, Microsoft. After the sanctions quite a few companies, including big ones, faced the problems of limited access to the foreign cloud platforms, prohibition on using the cloud service or inability to pay for it from Russia.

Some companies began migrating their infrastructure to Russian cloud platforms preventively.

“We observed a significant growth of enquiries for cloud services and migration from foreign platform by various companies in February and March. Their key goal was to minimize risks related to difficulties in accessing foreign services and to localize data of corporate customers inside the country,” comment Roman Shulimov, Sales Director of Linxdatacenter.

According to him, the boom of demand has now passed. However, it does not mean that interest in Russian clouds will drop considerably.

“We do not see any intention of foreign vendors to return to the Russian market,” he says. “We expect that the demand on the Russian cloud services market will grow by 30-35% by the end of the year.”

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