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Linxdatacenter is in the TOP10 of the largest DC service providers

Linxdatacenter has entered the TOP10 ranking of the largest DC service providers in Russia 2021, prepared by CNews Analytics. The company is in the sixth place with more than 2,000 racks by the end of 2021. Linxdatacenter owns two data centers in the territory of the Russian Federation, with a total area of 4,430 sq. m.

The ranking was released as a part of the Data Centers 2022 survey. Placement of colocation providers in the ranking was determined by physical parameters: DC area and number of racks. As data center construction is very investment-consuming, infrastructure of a data center is one of the key reliability factors for the service provider.

According to the analysts’ forecast, even in a most pessimistic scenario the Russian commercial DC market will continue to develop at a 10-15% growth rate, as the demand for colocation services remains steadily high. Financial results of Linxdatacenter confirm these expectations: the company’s turnover grew by 6% in the first quarter of 2022, and even more considerable increase is anticipated in the third quarter.

“Our goal is to satisfy customers’ demand as much as possible and provide them with necessary infrastructure of the worldwide reliability grade. To achieve that, Linxdatacenter shall continue developing its data centers and expand its share in the cloud services’ segment,” notes Andrey Perekrest, General Director of Linxdatacenter.

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