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Linxdatacenter doubles the team of cloud engineers

Linxdatacenter expands its cooperation with the Digital Economy League

IT infrastructure and cloud solutions provider Linxdatacenter has more than doubled the volume of its partnership with the Digital Economy League Group. This will allow the League to supply its customers with fault-tolerant and reliable cloud services.

The Digital Economy League Group of Companies provides professional services in the field of information and digital technologies. The League engages more than 5,000 experts and creates centers of digital technology competencies. There are currently over 70 centers, implementing about 1,000 projects annually.

Linxdatacenter has been the partner of the Digital Economy League since 2017: the customer leases server capacities at Linxdatacenter Moscow. The companies participating in the League use the DC resources to implement cloud projects for Russian enterprises of various industries.

“Large-scale project frequently require a significant amount of computing capacity, which is why we need a reliable provider, capable of promptly providing the needed resources, with a high level of reliability and accessibility. By expanding our cooperation with Linxdatacenter, we fasten the digitalization processes for our clients”, — notes Ivan Starunkin, IT Director at the Digital Economy League.

Members of the Digital Economy League develop information systems for the authorities and the large business. For example, they implemented an ERP system and a digital hub for the biggest Russian carriers, created a billing system for the national payment system, automated business processes of several retail chains, and built powerful industrial solutions for federal suppliers of energy resources.  

“Hi-tech infrastructure and expertise of the Linxdatacenter team help our partners to equip their customers with the most state-of-the-art cloud solutions. We value this opportunity to make our own contribution into digitalization of the Russian business”, — notes Andrey Perekrest, General Director of Linxdatacenter. 

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business challenge

The customer faced a technical issue with a persistent BGP session flag with Linxdatacenter hardware. We examined the problem and found out that one of customer’s hosts was under a DDoS attack.

Because of the distributed nature of the attack, traffic couldn’t be filtered effectively, and disconnecting the host from the external network wasn’t an option. The attack stopped after changes in the server configuration, but resumed the day after. A 5.5 Gbps attack overloaded the junctions with internet providers, affecting other Linx Cloud users. To mitigate the effects of the attack, we employed a dedicated DDoS protection service.


To ensure the continuous availability of resources hosted in Linx Cloud, we rerouted all the customer’s traffic through StormWall Anti-DDoS system. The attack was stopped within half an hour. To prevent future cyberattacks, we organized all connections to the customer’s resources through the StormWall network.

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