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Linxdatacenter doubles the team of cloud engineers

Linxdatacenter assists G-Core Labs to expand its CDN and product ecosystem

Linxdatacenter and G-Core Labs develop cooperation in expanding the ecosystem of CDN-based products of G-Core Labs, along with streaming and cloud solutions.

Linxdatacenter and G-Core Labs develop cooperation in expanding the ecosystem of CDN-based products of G-Core Labs, along with streaming and cloud solutions.

G-Core Labs is an international provider of edge solutions and an operator of the global content delivery network (CDN). G-Core Labs currently manages a CDN consisting of more than 140 PoPs on five continents, which includes over 6,000 traffic peering partners.

CDN is a network containing multiple interconnected servers, aimed to accelerate processing of enquiries sent to IT systems and delivery of required content to the users (multimedia, scripts, websites). To guarantee the speediest response, the most sought-after content is stored on cache servers located in the closest proximity to the end user.

One of the key characteristics of CDN solutions which serves as the basis for the business model of providers in this niche is fault-tolerance and backups. Uninterrupted availability of content and its instant delivery upon request at any moment of time are made possible due to the expertise of partner data centers hosting the network elements.

In the process of the global CDN expansion and increase of its fault tolerance, part of G-Core Labs’ infrastructure was hosted in data centers in Moscow and Saint Petersburg.

“Linxdatacenter facilities have a reputation of beingreliable locations for deployment of a content delivery network. G-Core Labs receives all necessary support to implement solution configurations answering specific customer needs. The company’s technical specialists have 24/7 access to their equipment, which enables them to carry out any maintenance without delay, as well as upgrade infrastructure for new services and solutions,” comments Roman Shulimov, Sales Director at Linxdatacenter.

The capacity of G-Core Labs’ network exceeds 90 Tbit/s which allows the company to update their products and services portfolio constantly.

The company launched its own streaming platform для бесперебойных видеотрансляций по всему миру. В 2019 CDN-сеть G-Core Labs впервые покрыла все континенты планеты, кроме Антарктиды. В том же году была запущена и собственная облачная платформа.

Support of the HESP protocol, launched in October 2021, enables live transmissions for multimillion audience with minimal two seconds lags from any part of the world.

“One of the major conditions for fast development of our business is a network of competent and reliable partners whose cooperation is necessary to ensure fast provision of infrastructure for end services. Our experience of working with Linxdatacenter allows to plan a wide range of scenarios for future development,” adds Dmitry Samoshkin, VP Products at G-Core Labs.

About G-Core Labs   

G-Core Labs is the world cloud and edge leader in content delivery and storage solutions for business. Headquartered in Luxembourg, the company constructed its own global infrastructure which covers five continents and was entered into the Guinness Book of Records. The network of G-Core Labs consists of 140+ points of presence located in more than 110 cities across the world in reliable Tier III and Tier IV data centers. The performance characteristics of the company’s CDN are the best in Europe and the CIS countries.

G-Core Labs provides a wide range of services for customers of all industries developing their business online. The services portfolio includes public cloud, managed hosting, content delivery network, advanced streaming platform for professional transmissions and streaming of any complexity, protection against DDoS attacks of any level, defense against harmful bots, cloud storage of content etc.

The company’s customers are leading international and national brands in the field of telecommunications, finance, retail and mass media, software and computer games developers and publishers, SaaS providers and manufacturing companies, including Avast, Michelin, SIBUR, MTS, Beeline, Megafon, Tinkoff Bank, Wargaming Holding, the American game publisher RedFox Games, largest TV channels in Europe and the CIS (First Channel, TNT, Match TV), the Japanese game publisher Bandai Namco, online retailers Lamoda, Joom and others.

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The customer faced a technical issue with a persistent BGP session flag with Linxdatacenter hardware. We examined the problem and found out that one of customer’s hosts was under a DDoS attack.

Because of the distributed nature of the attack, traffic couldn’t be filtered effectively, and disconnecting the host from the external network wasn’t an option. The attack stopped after changes in the server configuration, but resumed the day after. A 5.5 Gbps attack overloaded the junctions with internet providers, affecting other Linx Cloud users. To mitigate the effects of the attack, we employed a dedicated DDoS protection service.


To ensure the continuous availability of resources hosted in Linx Cloud, we rerouted all the customer’s traffic through StormWall Anti-DDoS system. The attack was stopped within half an hour. To prevent future cyberattacks, we organized all connections to the customer’s resources through the StormWall network.

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