Private access to global clouds

Connect to global cloud platforms with a direct dedicated connection

Key benefits

For IT departments:

For Business:

  • direct linkage to global cloud platforms;
  • a wide selection of connection locations;
  • dedicated channel with guaranteed data rate and network latency;
  • performing End-to-End network configuration work;
  • flexible management of link speeds during migration and peak periods.
  • Reducing the time and cost of transferring data during migration;
  • contract for services under Russian law;
  • compliance with data localization requirements under FZ-242;
  • fast user experience with global cloud platforms;
  • leveraging the capabilities of several global cloud platforms at the same time.


Goal Requirements Solution
Working with multiple cloud platforms
  • Ability to use Microsoft, Google, Amazon services in compliance with the law FZ-242.
  • Signing a contract for the provision of services according to the requirements of the legislation of the Russian Federation.
  • Guaranteed user connectivity to global cloud platforms.
  • Access to requested cloud services within 48 hours.
  • Providing a service in full compliance with the requirements of the legislation of the Russian Federation to the documentation: contract / bill / act.
  • Dedicated guaranteed communication channel between customer infrastructure and Microsoft, Google, Amazon cloud sites.
  • SLA on channel bandwidth and network latency.
Software development and integration
  • Additional computing power and services for software testing and development.
  • Isolated development environment from the production environment.
  • Reliable network connectivity of the development environment to the underlying infrastructure.
  • Using an off-the-shelf database of microservices from Microsoft, Google, Amazon for software development.
  • Reduced software development and deployment time.
  • Quickly create environments with the necessary network configuration.
  • Payment only for used capacity on the basis of consumption.
  • SLA on channel bandwidth and network latency.
Organization of new and optimization of existing communication channels
  • Temporary communication channel(s) to migrate large amounts of data to a new cloud location.
  • Secure dedicated connection to global cloud platforms.
  • Reducing the cost of maintenance of existing communication channels.
  • Prompt connection on new channels: within 48 hours.
  • Flexible management of communication channels via Linxdatacenter support service.
  • Dedicated guaranteed communication channel between customer infrastructure and Microsoft, Google, Amazon cloud sites.
  • SLA on channel bandwidth and network latency.
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BEST, money transfer and payments operator

business challenge

The customer faced a technical issue with a persistent BGP session flag with Linxdatacenter hardware. We examined the problem and found out that one of customer’s hosts was under a DDoS attack.

Because of the distributed nature of the attack, traffic couldn’t be filtered effectively, and disconnecting the host from the external network wasn’t an option. The attack stopped after changes in the server configuration, but resumed the day after. A 5.5 Gbps attack overloaded the junctions with internet providers, affecting other Linx Cloud users. To mitigate the effects of the attack, we employed a dedicated DDoS protection service.


To ensure the continuous availability of resources hosted in Linx Cloud, we rerouted all the customer’s traffic through StormWall Anti-DDoS system. The attack was stopped within half an hour. To prevent future cyberattacks, we organized all connections to the customer’s resources through the StormWall network.

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