List of AWS locations

  • Cloud Region: Asia Pacific (Singapore)
    — Global Switch Singapore
    — Equinix SG2
  • CCloud Region: Asia Pacific (Sydney)
    — Global Switch Sydney
    — ENextDC M1 (Melbourne)
    — Equinix SY1/2/4 (Sydney)
    — NextDC P1 (Perth)
  • Cloud Region: Canada (Central)
    — Cologix TOR1 (Toronto)
  • Cloud Region: EU (Frankfurt)
    — Equinix AM1 (Amsterdam)
    — Interxion FRA6 (Frankfurt)
  • Cloud Region: EU (Ireland)
    — Digital Realty
    — Equinix LD5
  • Cloud Region: EU (London)
    — Digital Realty
  • Cloud Region: US East (N.Virginia)
    — Equinix DC2 (Ashburn)
    — CoreSite NY1 (New York)
    — Equinix DA1 (Dallas)
    — Digital Realty ATL1 (Atlanta)
    — Coresite VA1 (Reston)
    — Markley Boston Level 5(Boston)
    — Equinix MI1 (Miami)
  • Cloud Region: US East (Ohio)
    — Equinix CH1/CH2 (Chicago)
    — Markley Boston Level 5(Boston)
    — CyrusOne Houston West 1/2/3(Houston)
  • AWS GovCloud (US)
    — Equinix SV1 (San Jose)
  • Cloud Region: US West (N.California)
    — Equinix SV1 (San Jose)
    — CoreSite LA1 (Los Angeles)
  • Cloud Region: US West (Oregon)
    — Switch SUPERNAP 7 (Las Vegas)
    — EdgeConneX POR1 (Portland)
    — Equinix SE2 (Seattle)
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BEST, money transfer and payments operator

business challenge

The customer faced a technical issue with a persistent BGP session flag with Linxdatacenter hardware. We examined the problem and found out that one of customer’s hosts was under a DDoS attack.

Because of the distributed nature of the attack, traffic couldn’t be filtered effectively, and disconnecting the host from the external network wasn’t an option. The attack stopped after changes in the server configuration, but resumed the day after. A 5.5 Gbps attack overloaded the junctions with internet providers, affecting other Linx Cloud users. To mitigate the effects of the attack, we employed a dedicated DDoS protection service.


To ensure the continuous availability of resources hosted in Linx Cloud, we rerouted all the customer’s traffic through StormWall Anti-DDoS system. The attack was stopped within half an hour. To prevent future cyberattacks, we organized all connections to the customer’s resources through the StormWall network.

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