Linx DB - cloud databases

Fully managed and scalable DBMS with a guaranteed level of service. Ready to go in a few clicks.

Thanks to the unique Linx Face technology included in the product, you can administer any IT infrastructure with the help of Linx Cloud experts.

database as a service


DBaaS is a cloud-based approach to data storage and management. You don’t need to install and maintain a database—it’s provided in the cloud as a customized, optimized, and ready-to-use solution.

Who is responsible for what

We take care of the entire IT infrastructure, database hosting and administration, allowing you to manage your data and benefit from it from anywhere in the world.

cloud databases

How to create and run a database in the cloud?

The entire process of creating and configuring a cloud DBMS is automated in order to reduce its setup time from several days to essentially 5 minutes.

By default, a DBMS instance is created on Linux: the OS is already preinstalled, and the database itself is ready to go.

Мы собираем необходимую конфигурацию БД, а затем моментально запускаем ее в LinxCloud.

DBMS from a template in the required configuration

We have automated DBMS replication, so you just need to select the template from the list


Cloud DB on a single server for development and testing purposes with minimal deployment costs.


Data replicas for maximum read speed and smooth operation. Suitable for small projects.

Failover Cluster

Failover cluster with maximum availability, automatic recovery and failover. Suitable for most projects, including high-load applications with a need for strong information security.

your benefits

Cost savings

Like all other Linxdatacenter cloud services, Linx DB greatly reduces the costs of storing and processing business data and overall IT infrastructure management


Per-second billing for actually consumed resources

Reduced Time-to-Market

Faster product launches and business growth without the need to approve, order, and deliver hardware

Test environments

Deploy Cloud DB instances for development and testing without the need to invest in on-premises infrastructure, maintenance, and database hosting

Available DBMSs


Relational database, suitable for small and medium web projects


A relational database for large projects and error-prone data


Document database, suitable for storing unrelated data and different types of content


High-performance database for fast query processing and real-time work

Postgres Pro

Relational database for large projects, financial transactions and business intelligence


Analytical database for storing and processing historical data

Basic questions and answers

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